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Holy Shit

Stream Two Gut-Wrenching Songs From Nicole Sabouné's Upcoming Album

The Swedish goth powerhouse drops her debut album this Friday—but you can hear two songs from it right now.

Oh wow, guys. This one's going to be a biggie.

This upcoming Friday, Nicole Sabouné drops her debut album, Miman. To say we're excited is a bit of an understatement. Ever since the Swedish goth songstress released her second single off of the album, "Bleeding Faster", we've been eagerly awaiting more of the brutality, beauty and catharsis she stunned us with. Luckily, we got our hands on "Right Track" and "Under Stars (For the Lovers)"—two songs from the album which we're sharing with you exclusively. As expected, both songs weigh down on you just as blissfully wrecking and emotionally hard-hitting as we'd expect. Here's what Nicole had to say about the songs, too.


"Right Track is one of the songs that is written to take place on 'Aniara' or some kind of ship that is on its way, in space, towards the end. Here is where 'Miman' also takes place and shows memories from earth to the people on board."

"Under Stars I wrote when my boyfriend Christian and I were at his hometown one night last autumn. He was in one room writing a song for his band and I was in the other room writing Under Stars. And it ended up to be a song for him and us and other people in love."

Miman drops this Friday. Pre-order it here.