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Let RDG Suck You Into a Singularity of Evil Dubstep With New Track "Rise ft. Sun of Selah"

Meet the Copenhagen-based producer that will straight up addle your brains in the best possible way.

Denmark's own Ruben Dag Nielsen a.k.a. RDG has once again managed to dish out some high-quality dubstep. Throughout his career, RDG's numerous contributions to the hard-thumping world of heavy dubstep have earned him significant attention and respect on the scene.

The Copenhagen-based producer’s new track "Rise ft. Sun Of Selah" is the opening track on the soon to be released Lost on Earth vol. 1 - a brilliant collaboration between RDG and classic dubstepper K Man. The album is set to be released on the label Circle Vision. "Rise" is a dark and sinister track that will will suck you into a black hole of heavy bass and trippy vibes. The stepping bass line blended with Sun of Selah's hypnotic voice creates a primo club tune that is absoultely perfect track for all of you 5 Panel cap-wearing dub-heads we know are out there.