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Kakkmaddafakka’s Track “Galapagos” Is Your New Go-To Chill Song

The Norwegian indie rockers are back with a track as peaceful and magical as the Galapagos themselves.

If you dig Milky Chance or any of the magnificent indie stuff coming out of Iceland these days, trust us when we say “Galapagos” is a journey you want to let Kakkmaddafakka take you on. “Galapagos” is the first release off of the vivacious Norwegian group’s upcoming fourth album KMF, set to drop at some point in February 2016. It’s a bit of a revamp of the thumping sound that let Kakkmaddafakka net an MTV Europe Music Awards nomination in ’08. The slaphappy beats are still there but their disco giddiness made way for an airier, adventurous soundscape of plinking guitar riffs. This proves that yes, Kakkmaddafakka can get the muddy dance floors of the European festival circuit pumping—but they can prop you up against a tree to lounge in the midsummer sun, too. The Galapagos Islands are where Darwin stumbled upon sea turtles that blew his mind and started him on the path to constructing the theory of evolution. So - if we’re really gonna get deep here for a second - the title of the song points to this evolution in the band’s vibe. If that's too high-brow of us, just focus on the music video: it feels like something we could launch into space to let alien life forms see we’re a peaceful race from a beautiful planet. Pedal your fixie into the countryside and skinny-dip. Stick your head out of the window of your van. If you’re more dreamer than do’er, find your inner happy place while you’re chopping spring onions or something—and get ready to twist your tongue stuttering that “Kakkmaddafakka is bakk, maddafukka.”