Copenhagen's First Hate Sneak Up and Stun Us With Their Latest Single, "Trojan Horse"

Just try and stop this song from sneaking to the top of your playlist. We dare you.

af Polina Bachlakova
15 september 2015, 8:11am

Photo by Tom Spray

It’s been a few months since we heard something new from Copenhagen’s synth-masters First Hate—a duo that’s consistently blessed us with songs infectious enough to make our heads bob, legs shake and torsos wiggle in even the most inappropriate situations. Luckily, those few months were definitely worth the wait: First Hate’s latest single, “Trojan Horse”, is absolutely killer—building on the potential we’ve recognized from them so far and blowing it up to delightfully shocking levels of addictive dancy-ness. The track is as synth-driven and motivating as we’d expect, but this time around, the soaring and Depeche Mode-esque vocals are elevated to drive the song the whole way through—making “Trojan Horse” simmer with an energy that hits you at your core from start to finish.

The new track isn’t the only bit of good news we have to share, though: next month, First Hate will be embarking on a European tour—with Soho Rezanejad and her smoldering tunes as support. Check out the dates below.

Tour dates:
02.10.2015 - HELSINKI, Kuudes Linja
03.10.2015 - STOCKHOLM, Solna HQ
07.10.2015 - HAMBURG, Molotow
08.10.2015 - BERLIN, Fluxbau
09.10.2015 - PARIS, Underclub
11.10.2015 - COPENHAGEN, Mayhem