Cheerleader Masturbation and "Shame": Here's the Latest from The Great Dictators

The Copenhagen-based band throws in some sexy Bieber puns, too.

28 september 2015, 9:35am

Like many of Copenhagen-based The Great Dictators' tracks, “Shame” is dark, bleak and surprisingly profound if you judge it on lyrics alone. They sum up our entire pointless existence with one simple line: we get by - we change - get by - then change - and we die - what a shame. When you put that together with their croony Americana rock (think Marcy Playground) and lead singer Dragut Lugalzagosi's breezy vocals (think Billy Corgan on Quaaludes, in the best way possible), you get an elated, lounge-y concoction of soft rock that sends you drifting off in blissful sedation.

As for the video directed by Danish Frederik Valentin, here's a pro-tip: if cheerleader fantasies are a thing for you, trust us that you’ll wanna stick around until about 2:52—when things take an auto-erotic turn and shit really gets interesting. This young lady's venture into the wild is the bastard fusion of American Pie and Von Trier's Antichrist, featuring a messed up combo of things like a Justin ‘Beaver’ blow-up sex doll and a cheerleader uniform spelling out "DESTROY". Ultimately, nothing about this song or video really gives a fuck—and that's precisely why you should.

The track is off of The Great Dictators' second album 'Killers' that dropped the 13th of April this year on their own label Royal Toad Records.