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Please Help: Giggs Really Wants JK Rowling to Release "Hogwarts: The Early Years"

This is an appeal. Please, if you care, get involved.

af Ryan Bassil
19 juni 2014, 12:15pm

This is Giggs.

Giggs was born in May, 1981, with a gift. He could rap and he could do it better than anyone else in the country - his voice gets girls wetter than an otter's pocket and can shut-down every other road-rapper with an utterance of the word "jheeeez".

Sadly, however, we’ve noticed that Giggs is in trouble. This challenge cannot be solved simply by hibernating in the studio and laying down another hard-as-nails mixtape. He needs our help.

I’ll let Giggs explain.

Giggs' problem: he wants JK Rowling to write Harry Potter: The Early Years, with the original characters: a young Dumbledore, Harry's mum and dad etc

Giggs appeal has started to reach out toward a larger audience. In a freestyle on Capital Xtra a week ago he referenced Harry and the Dursleys. He's also put out his own press materials which, one can assume, have been designed by Giggs.

If we want it to work - we need to all get involved and help Giggs out. Lots of neglected humans like Giggs are out there - and we've many more hungry minds to fill. We need your help. This is a call to action:

Giggs has already said everything you need to know. If everyone that cares about Harry Potter - around 72,922,125 people - tweets JK Rowling then she'll have to do something. This approach has worked in the past - someone made a Facebook group requesting Haribo release a pack filled with only Sour Cherries and they did. We can do anything we want as long as we beg long enough.

So, with that in mind, we should help Giggs out. If you want to help, please do the following:

Tweet #GiggsHogwarts to @Jk_Rowling to pressure her into releasing Hogwarts: The Early Years.

We all want it to happen. Please.

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