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Kickstart Your Weekend With the Latest Apropos Live Video Featuring Jay Adams

The proof that you CAN listen to aggressive, over-the-top EDM without losing all your hip friends.

Sometimes, taking life a little less seriously can do you a bit of good. When you realize it's okay to take off your Music Snob cap for two seconds and stop exclusively listening to Iceage and bands that play at Drone on Thursdays, it feels pretty refreshing. You might even go as far as opening up your mind and genuinely enjoying music that you'd usually stay faaaaar away from—as in, the kind of music they play at clubs overrun by Erasmus students on Friday nights. You may need some convincing, however, which is why the latest video from Tuborg-backed Apropos Live featuring Jay Adams is a perfectly-timed arrival. The guy spins aggressive, urban/trap-inspired electronic music that gets your blood pumping—and warms you up to the idea of maybe even joining those Erasmus students for some sloppy shots of Fisk before hitting the dance floor. He's also spinning at a super Scandi-looking waterfront in front of some architectural marvel out in the water, which is equal parts ironic and intriguing.

Anyway, you should take a look at this. If anything, you'll discover your capacity for easing up a little and saying "fuck it, I CAN listen to aggressive, over-the-top EDM without losing all my hipster friends." That's what we told ourselves, anyways.