PREMIERE: Peaches Debuts Very, Very NSFW Video for "Rub"

"Can't talk now 'cause this chick's dick is in my mouth."

af Bryn Lovitt
03 december 2015, 8:46am

Do not fuck with Peaches' vagina, because according to this extremely NSFW video for "Rub," it can control minds. In the video for the title track off the legendary performer's latest album Rub, she dares you to "Tell on my pussy/Whistleblow my clit/Watch it open up /'cause it can't keep a secret." The video takes place in the desert and in the throes of a lesbian orgy that verges on tribal ceremony. There's simply no time for talking because all tongues are currently occupied. "Can't talk now," Peaches coos as usual while getting slapped in the face by "this chick's dick."

This unapolegetically sexual trist is classic Peaches, who's released some of the most subversive songs about sex, bodies, and gender of the past 20 years. Watch our premiere of the video below, and read our interview with Peaches. Here's what she had to say about the video: "This is the most ambitious video yet! All woman cast and crew in the desert for three days! A once in a lifetime out of body intensely spiritual experience had by all!!!"