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Holy Shit

Watch Missy Elliott and Pharrell Perform “WTF (Where They From)” Live for the First Time

That's real life Pharrell, not just puppet Pharrell.

Unimpeachable queen of rap, Missy Elliott, bossed her way back to the top last month with "WTF (Where They From)" featuring Pharrell - her first release since 2005. Sure, Pharrell's verse might contain "a series of rhymes so Build-A-Rap basic that even an amateur with the merest shred of dignity would quickly delete it from his iPhone Notes", but the fact that doesn't deflate the rest of the song is testament to just how hard it bangs.


Last night, Missy performed the track on the season finale of The Voice in America including the same futuristic outfits, dance routines that would land most people with a massive bill from their chiropractor, and real life Pharrell - not just puppet Pharrell, who also makes an appearance. The entire thing is quite clearly mimed – welcome to 2015, close the door on your way out – but that doesn't detract from the sheer enormity of the production value they have put into what is essentially just a three minute performance of one song. I mean, I've seen smaller West End productions.

Watch below.