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Tyler, The Creator Remixes "Pillow Talk," Dances To It

pRoBaBly BeTtEr ThAn ZaYn'S oRiGiNaL.

Watching this video of Tyler, The Creator dancing around to his own remix of "Pillow Talk," you may find yourself losing sight of just how good the track is. Tyler, decked out in yellow, just does Tyler stuff for almost three minutes, showing off a range of items—excellent sandals, a lighter, that awesome chair in the background—that have the word “GOLF” emblazoned on them. At one point he exits screen right and returns beneath the camera. “Hi Tyler,” says the viewer, “you seem to be having fun on your own there. That’s nice.”


But the remix is actually better than zAyN mAlIk’S oRiGiNaL vErSiOn™, pitched up a little and given a straight-four beat instead of the soft, club-ready syncopation that underpinned it before. It’s not a million miles away from a Frank Ocean impression, actually. Then again, that might just be the withdrawal talking.

Check it out below.

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