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News Flash! Azealia Banks is a Witch and She's Put a Curse on Twitter's CEO

There is nothing abnormal about this news story, no sir.

af Noisey Staff
14 april 2016, 10:40am

Another day on the world wide web, another controversy, of sorts, this time from ace rapper and controversial opinions haver Azealia Banks' Twitter account. We already know how she feels about Iggy Azalea, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, white gay men, and the paper shoes of vegans, but this time things took a pretty weird turn.

Apparently Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, asked her to tweet about his cash app in exchange for a tweet about her mixtape. Banks says – bear with this – he also sent her his three strands of hair in an envelope so she could make him an amulet for protection, because he was receiving too many death threats. He didn't follow through on the tweet, so she hexed him instead. "I have three strands of a billionaire's hair," she tweeted. "I only ask to be treated fairly."

True or not, it's a really, really great story that truly takes #BlackGirlMagic to the next level. Anyway, after that she went on to talk about the very valid point of "lacking male protection, specifically black male protection" in the music industry, giving Charlamagne Tha God, Childish Gambino, QTip, Diddy, and Busta Rhymes props for having her back, and then criticised Kanye West for trading in his platform to do major cultural work for "trying to make bootleg Jay-Z movies". "Fuck men," she concluded, "I'd rather join the clit-lick army and ambush men for their sperm then throw them all off a cliff."

In related news, Broadly recently sat down with the "controversial witch" herself to talk – unconfined to a 140 word character limit – about her new music, why she courts controversy, and how to cast a cleansing spell with an egg. You can watch that here.