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Eli’s First-Ever Single “make it ok” is Perhaps the Best Danish Psych Track of 2016

This dude is only 18. What the hell are you doing with your life?

Things have been brewing lately on the Danish psych scene, fueled by emerging names like the viscerally intense Love Coffin and the contemplative psych-poets, Fribytterdrømme. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone with the same natural aptitude for traversing the transient trances and trepidations of psych as Eli, a.k.a. the 18-year old Dane, Hjalte Ross. While also singing and playing guitar in ‘psychedelic stoner grunge’-band Frank Haze, “make it ok” is Eli’s first-ever solo release. It’s very easy-going psych pop with a bubbly soundscape and so riding-in-a-convertible-on-the-coast-in-the-sunset-in-slow-motion-with-the-wind-in-your-hair that it would almost be surfy – if it weren’t for Ross’ raspy, drifting vocals and the gradually rising tempo that give it some poppy giddy-up. In other words, it has just enough going on for those of you that demand that from life, whilst still being chill enough for all of you mellow and/or hungover types, that are simply seeking some subtle vibes to lull you through your existence. Slap it on. Give it a listen – it’s well worth your time. Just try not to think about the fact that you were trapped in a never-ending circle of algebra problems, part-time hotdog-salesmanship and masturbation when you were this dude’s age.