Swedish Mira Aasma's "Whale Song" is a White-Hot Blizzard of Electronica

The Gothenburg-born songstress' new single is a rare, icey banger.

Ever wondered what would be playing in a north-of-The-Wall night club filled with White Walkers? Ever heard the icey electro pop stylings of Swedish songstress Mira Aasma? Well, strap yourself in and prepare to be enlightened on both counts by her latest track.

It's called "Whale Song", and what it lacks in humpback vocalization samples, it more than makes up for in its blazing ice storm of spacey electronica and glorious vocals. The only 19-year-old Gothenburg-born singer wields her lung capacity with chilling maturity, complimenting both bass and synth as they gather ominous intensity. Not stopping there, Mira Aasma has not only written but also arranged and produced the track, along with all of the songs on her upcoming EP, Stereoscope.

"Whale Song" officially drops on Friday, but why wait? Get a head start on trancing out to this icey banger and escape from life's humdrum of tax returns, traffic tickets and wondering whether Jon Snow is really dead.

Mira is releasing "Whale Song" with a bang Wednesday @ 9PM at Kåken in Stockholm.