Watch Giana Factory's Video "I Live at Night"

"Even though in the song we are surrounding someone and killing them at last, really it's an ode to life…"

06 maj 2014, 8:00am

Last time we caught up with Giana Factory, the Danish group set the score to a clearly hysteria-based exorcism orchestrated by bogus preacher dude Bob Larson and his three teenage excorcists. It was a track that thrived on a union of anxious motorik and detached synth-pop. By contrast, "I Live at Night" is a slow build, a spun out tease of icily detached girl-ish incantations, light strums, and skittery beats. The accompanying imagery is unsettling—is this a medical experiment gone awry? Or a slow and tortuous death overseen by the impassive female trio.

By way of explanation, Giana Factory had this to say about the union of music and visuals:

"Even though in the song we are surrounding someone and killing them at last, really it's an ode to life. It's a call for people to enjoy every moment and not ending up regretting things in the end. Sometimes that means taking chances and not playing it safe.

"We've noticed how late at night we feel very alive. Maybe because the city is asleep and there is time for that kind of reflection. As an artist you live your life off the beaten path, and if you feel inspired to write a song late at night you can.

"In the video Diana Tørsløv was inspired by our fascination with sound. Sound is vibration and can move through media like water, fire, air, and electricity. When the physicality of sound shows in beautiful visual patterns it makes you think about the physicality of our bodies, natural systems and life really.

"The video is also portraying our process of working with music. On one hand that process is about organizing sound on a practical and technical level. And on the other hand using this as material for storytelling on a more emotional level."