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Watch Rihanna Perform "Consideration" with SZA and "Work" with Drake at the BRIT Awards

Live from the biggest night in British music, the single performance you care about most.

The BRIT Awards—that's the UK's version of the Grammys, you philistine—are happening right now. Our UK colleagues are currently liveblogging them, and you can watch the livestream right here. But face it: There's really only one performance that you want to see, and that's Rihanna debuting her songs from ANTI, particularly after she was sidelined by apparent bronchitis at the Grammys.

Well, fear not: She performed "Consideration," bringing SZA along for the show, and then she did "Work," the best song ever, featuring a wild Drake appearance. Rihanna performs in semi-darkness because we're not good enough to gaze upon her, and, although her voice sounds like she still may not be back at 100 percent from her recent illness, but her dance moves are incredible and the spectacle is magnetic. All the people in the audience cheer when the two stars dance together because in the UK they just discovered the concept of rhythm. Or maybe they're just happy it's not James Bay again. Check it out below:

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