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Is Thor Rixon's "Fuk Bread" Your New Gluten Free Anthem?

The answer is no because being gluten free is a bummer, but this South African artist's video is rad and weird in all the right ways.

Here at Noisey we keep one eye on what's going down in the South African music scene. From the gutteral, girl-fronted rock of Beast, to the nimble, artful pop of Xander, to the controversial hip-hop of DOOKOOM, to DOODVANOOSKAP'S "Protein Shake," what's popping off in SA is fresh and fantastically DIY. Wanna know the country's interpretation of swag? Well the term is "umswenko" and it's embodied in the video for "Mswenkofontein," which we premiered recently. This brings us nicely to Thor Rixon, a producer who works closely with the collective naas. He's released two EPs thus far, Shared Folder and Tea Time Favorites, and currently he's writing his full length, Songs From The Bath—we love it already, just from the title—in Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Oslo, and Cape Town, aiming for November release via NAAS Music. Somehow we slept on the first single from the record, so let us take a moment to appreciate "Fuk Bread" and it's accompanying video.


1. I dunno about you, but a lot of people around me have been talking about gluten free diets. Everyone is on one, which makes me not want to go on one ever, not because I don't want to follow this trend, which, let's be real is probably really good for you, but mostly because I have no self-control and I really like carbs. That being said the first line of this song made me laugh: "Let's make a salad and cry / Enhance the dressing with tears," sings Rixon, in mellow tones akin to Kindness. I love that this is a song espousing healthy eating—like vegetarianism, butter over margerine (I mean, really what is in that stuff!?), and oven-based cooking.

2. This video is one take and sees Rixon wearing a nude, sheeny leotard while his crew hang out in an alleyway, dance and shave off all the hair on his head and face. Goodbye dreads! You won't be missed! You probably smell! Well done Rixon, you are free!

3. Please note the way Rixon switches up his accent in the chorus so that he sounds posh and authoritative while instructing us all on how to make delicious, calory-conscious treats. Musically that chorus is wonky, like very early Metronomy meets Hot Chip.

4. Those moves he busts out at one minute 16? Fuck yes! Get loose!

5. This song is ostensibly very disjointed, the verse having little to string it to the chorus, but it's this off-kilter kind songwriting that makes it so refreshing.

6. Another round of applause for losing the dreads.

7. There's a finale, of course, and it involves ink.

Thor Rixon: You Rule.

Even though Kim Taylor Bennett really likes this song, she can't give up bread. She's on Twitter.