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Snoop Dogg and Riff Raff Shoot the Shit in This Ep of GGN

Here's a first look at Snoop's latest ep of GGN from his MERRY JANE site featuring Riff Raff talking about his new LP, social media, and etiquette.

We're not sure if you're aware but Snoop Dogg—the entrapeneur extraordinaire—recently launched a website called MERRY JANE, the tagline for which is CANNABIS. CULTURE. FOR ALL. Obviously. Forget about hot dogs: Snoop's in the original content game now. A cursory glance shows Snoop's site isn't just about pot though, it's about music and fashion and cultural happenings. He's been doing his GGN news eps for ages—essentially Snoop shooting the shit with guests as varied as Seth Rogan, Anderson .Paak, and Jamie Foxx. Last month it was Broad City's Ilana Glazer, which is was a match made in heaven.


This month he's got Riff Raff in a shiny pink suit. Oh and two women who do exactly nothing. Riff Raff has a new record coming out—his second—Peach Panther which drops on June 24, so of course they're talking about that. Riff Raff swears that from now on he'll release a record on the same date every 12 months. He then reels off a bunch of names for some forthcoming albums which sound a lot like Kombucha flavors.

The pair also discuss social media in the modern age, money, etiquette, and play a game called "Finish the sentence." Try and ignore the "weather report" though. SMH.