PREMIERE: London Punks Skinny Girl Diet Eat Up the Haters with "Silver Spoons"

Skinny Girl Diet stay above the LDN fray by not giving a fuck.

14 september 2015, 4:19pm

Don't be fooled by the latex outfits. Skinny Girl Diet are a brash and ballsy power trio with a frankly feminist POV and some serious metal tendencies on "Silver Spoons", the new single off their upcoming Reclaiming Your Life EP. A bodacious snarl of brutal guitar, relentless drums and unfiltered fury, "Silver Spoons" charges ahead full-throttle for its three-minute running time, pummeling the ears with a dynamic riff while lead singer Delilah Holliday, whose got that blasé 90s alt-girl voice down pat, sneers about government corruption.

The North London band, who's first gig was opening for family friend Viv Albertine of the Slits, may get painted with the riot grrrl brush due to their outspoken politics and the fact that (duh) they're all girls, but the glossy hard rock of the new single has much more in common with the proto-punk fury of the MC5 and British heavy metal bands than most anything that came out of the Olympia school of underground punk. Whereas many political bands go in for ultra righteousness to drive their message home, Skinny Girl Diet stay above the fray by not giving a fuck. In that way, "Silver Spoons" is a perfect intro to the band. Like the band who made it, this song is cool, it's loud, and it doesn't care if you like it.

Reclaiming Your Life comes out on October 16th via Fiaso Records.