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Chance the Rapper Speaks About How Kanye West Collaboration Took Shape

Hear clips of his interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, which drops tomorrow.

af John Hill
23 maj 2016, 6:43pm

It's been a little over a week, and we've probably listened to Chance The Rapper's new mixtape Coloring Book about 83 times. With each listen, you can hear all sorts of small details, proving it to be one of the best records to come out in recent memory. Our thirst for knowledge for more about the record's production will be quenched very soon.

Tomorrow, Beats 1 on Apple Music will be presenting a new Zane Lowe interview with Chance. To satiate our hunger for what will most likely be an awesome, in-depth talk, Apple released a few clips of it today and it's going to be so sick. In one of the clips, Chance speaks on what working with Kanye was like for their track "All We Got," describing Kanye bringing out a huge MPC to record drums on the track. He also goes into Chicago being a center for music and it being a cultured place, as well as his hesitance to sign any major record deal.

You can hear the clips below: