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Screw Masterchef! Tyler, the Creator Has Created the Greatest Cooking Show of All Time

This is regular cooking for "regular ass people," where you can learn how to make cinnamon waffles that taste "like Nickelodeon on Saturday."

af Emma Garland
06 maj 2016, 9:23am

Tyler, the Creator isn't the kind of guy to go to the market at the crack of dawn, drop 30 bucks on fresh fruit and veg, and spend the rest of his day preparing a delicious and balanced meal. Tyler, the Creator is the kind of guy to wake up at 1 PM, pour Froot Loops into a mixing bowl, and eat it in his pants while watching Adventure Time. And now that he's got his own app called Golf Media, Tyler is reclaiming food programming for "regular ass people" with The Greatest Cooking Show Of All Time.

Starring Bonnie Lalich as a hyper exaggerated enthusiastic cooking personality and Tyler as some dude called “Mawrk” whose main characteristics are shouting "SUCK MY DICK WHITE AMERICA" and making 11/10 waffles, the show packs in a lot of brawling between hosts, a surreal sketch involving a toaster, and several facial expressions I'm not even sure there are words to describe.

In episode one, we learn how to make cinnamon waffles that taste "like Nickelodeon on Saturday" and will almost certainly provoke early-onset diabetes.

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