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Watch NOFX Get Lectured on Selling Out

God this is wonderfully awkward.

Fat Mike has been a pretty open book about subjects like his absurdly copious drug use, his love of S&M, and other things you wouldn’t want to talk about in front of your grandma. But this interview with Vanessa Bayer’s character on her web series Sound Advice is the most cringeworthy interview he and NOFX have ever done. Marvel at the awkward silences as Bayer suggests changes to their name and lyrics while lecturing them on the ethics of punk rock. You can cut the tension with a knife, or in NOFX's case, a fart.


In case you haven’t been following Sound Advice, you should correct that this instant. On the series, SNL veteran Vanessa Bayer plays media coach Janessa Slater who "trains" bands and musicians and things always get horribly weird in the most wonderfully deadpan way. Think of it as Between Two Ferns for music. Plus, the series was co-created by Vanessa’s brother and Noisey contributor Jonah Bayer. Aside from Drake, they’ve taken on…

Tegan and Sara:


And the people playing Gov Ball: