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Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Public Enemy to Roast Brooklyn Gentrifiers in "Do the White Thing"

Bonus: Flavor Flav rides a hoverboard.

26 years ago New York was a fireball of tensions inspired by a series of racially charged court trials, from the Cental Park jogger case to the murder of black teen Yusef Hawkins by a mob of white youth in Brooklyn, and Public Enemy and Spike Lee banded together to give voice to the city's strife, as the director released Do the Right Thing, soundtracked by the Long Island group's incendiary "Fight the Power." A lot's changed in the city since 1990 (and a lot hasn't), and so Jimmy Kimmel called on Public Enemy to help close out a week of Brooklyn based Jimmy Kimmel Live! shows with performance and a skit lampooning the newer, friendlier borough, cleverly dubbed "Do the Right Thing 2: Do the White Thing." It's funny but also kinda winsome when you consider the real estate free-for-all that the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbood where the movie was filmed has become. Watch "Do the White Thing" and a special Public Enemy medley of "Fight the Power," "Mans Plans God Laughs" (featuring Flavor Flav dancing on a hoverboard), and "911 Is a Joke" below.