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40 Totally Logical Possibilities for What Kanye's 'T.L.O.P.' Album Title Means

Mmm, That Lasagna's on Point!

af Noisey Staff
09 februar 2016, 10:43am

Depending on how you look at it, the roll-out for Kanye West's seventh solo album has been a rollercoaster of twists, turns, and loop-a-dee-loops through poop-splattered rectums. Or it's been an infuriatingly inane and dizzy ride on the tea-cups, as we wait for the theme park's one big ride to open for business.

Today Kanye announced the album has a new name. Well, sort of. He said the record is called T.L.O.P.initials that stand for something we can assume almost definitely isn't Teasing Lots of People. He's also said that anyone who guesses the album's official name will get tickets to Season 3 and a free pair of Yeezys.

But what about us here at Noisey? We like free shit. We like tickets to shit. Hell, we're here for all we can get. So, here are 40 logical and well-researched suggestions, and, you know, 40 is a high number, so there's a good mathematical probablity that one of these is 100 percent spot on.

Ten Lambos on Preorder

The Lord of Production (Rap instrumental tribute to Flatley's Lord of the Dance)

T-Swift Lucked Out People!

Tuscan Leather, Oriental Pleather

Travis, Leave Out the Production!

Theophilus London on Production

Theodore Logan on Production!

The Love of Poop-fingers

Tupac Lives on Privately

To Limp O Pimperfly

Thyme, Lemon, Or Parsley

Tidal is Living On a Prayer

TLOP (It's just that. A new word he invented, which means 'cool pants.')

The Life Of Pablo

Time Line's Obviously Poppin'

Turbulence Lands Our Planes

The Last Original Pirate (album of Mike Skinner covers)

The Legend Of the Pad

Tyga's Last Opportunity Please

That Lasagna's on Point

Teen Love, or Poop

Tyson Lives on Punching

Twitter Learned the Order of Pecking

To Lend Our Prayers

Truly Lovely Ordinary People

The Latency Of Pleasure

Taste! Lust! Or, Power!

The Life Once Promised

Time Lingers On Perpetually

Too Long, Occasionally Perused

The League of Parents

Tony & Lorraine's Opium Parlour

The Love Of Pastry

Tight Leather Overall Pants

Taking Ls On Principle

Teenage Lutant Oinja Purtles

The Life of Pi

The Last of Prophets

The Last of Profits

This Last One's Perfect

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