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Holy Shit

What the Hell Is Going On in This Viet Cong Video for "Bunk Buster"?

Something between "nothing" and "a whole lot."

Music videos are a great way for an artist to communicate the underlying themes in their music that listeners may have glossed over when just listening to the songs. But sometimes, music videos are also a great way for bands to mindfuck their fans. The new video for "Bunker Buster" from the poorly named Viet Cong seems to have a foot in both categories, but we're not sure which toe has more weight shifted onto it.


Directed by Yoonha Park, the video paints New York City as the dystopian landscape we all know it to be, complete with sci-fi themes and machinery that seems so futuristic that it's alien. Recently shortlisted for Canada's prestigious Polaris Prize, Viet Cong's tight and angular guitars blend in perfectly with the visions of bleakness and gloom that are present in the video. There may be a lot of nothing going on here, but it's still hard to look away.

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