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Drake Diddy-Bops to His First Number One Hit in “One Dance,” Lands 20 Total Songs on Hot 100

RIP "Panda."

Drake is a man of many accomplishments. He currently has the highest first-week sales of any album this year, he's in great shape, has beautiful skin reminiscent of salted caramel ice cream, and the world at his feet. However, one thing has alluded the 6 God since his break into the mainstream: a number one spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart as a lead artist. For eight years, he's come close several times to cracking the number one spot only to be defeated by the likes of Taylor Swift ("Best I Ever Had"), The Weeknd ("Hotline Bling"), and Adele ("HOTLINE BLING!"). Curse you, Abel for sussing "Hotline Bling" from hitting number one with your half-assed remixes! Personal grievances aside it would now appear our shining father has finally bestowed Aubrey with that evasive title thanks in part to the magic of "One Dance."


According to Billboard, "One Dance" has usurped Desiigner's "Panda" as the number one song in the country and personally, we here at Noisey Canada could not be happier. And if that wasn't enough Drake also landed a record-breaking 20 songs from his newest album Views on the charts. Surpassing fellow Canuck, Bieber's 17 tracks from Purpose and The Beatles' paisley, 14. And now all of this can be finally commemorated as the Canadian Heritage Moment we,us, Canadians have been waiting for. Thank you, Drake. Thank You.

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