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Holy Shit

Holy Flame Emojis, Dej Loaf and Big Sean's New Song "Back Up" Is Sweet

"Me and DeJ together holy matrimony."

It's almost the Fourth of July, which means it's last call to get in all those killer BBQ jams. Just in time to light the grill, though, are these flames from DeJ Loaf and Big Sean. It's a nice look of Detroit solidarity—"Me and DeJ together holy matrimony"—Sean comments, although that's about the only kind of solidarity you'll find here. DeJ and Sean both are dismissive as hell, and it's a lot of fun to listen to.


For instance, DeJ: "If I fuck and make you cum / you've got to promise not to stress me / don't be blowing up my phone and don't be leaving voice messages." And: "see the difference is with me I never needed niggas ever." Meanwhile Sean drops a groaner about overdressing and salad but makes up for it with a clutch Uber shout out and this gem of a punchline: "the check is seven figures I might try and dial the shit." The beat, by iRock, is nasty, too. If this song doesn't have you ready to feel like a boss and talk shit on everyone in your life, you're probably beyond saving. Blast this shit at your Fourth party ASAP—or better yet, in your car as you're speeding away from all the losers at whatever wack ass barbecue you just left. Check out "Back Up" below:

(via MissInfo)

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