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Watch a 14 Year Old King Krule Prove He's Been Great Since Birth

And he's talking about playing Glastonbury in 2008!

18 juli 2014, 10:31am

What were you doing when you were 14? I posted a lot of MySpace bulletins, hid inside lockers on Metal Gear Solid 2, and tried not to think too hard about a future where I would eventually have to pay rent. But that's just me. Archy Marshall - now better known to the world as King Krule - was playing music, entering talent competitions, and trying to score a spot on the Glastonbury line-up in 2008.

The internet is a great thing: it connects people, allows us to order food direct from the duvet and now, it's given us the current cutest thing in guitar music. Please enjoy this video of Archy Marshall, age 14, entering a Glastonbury unsigned artists competition.

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