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Trash Talk Defends the Human Race Against Attacking Drones

Fuck drones.

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These days, human life barely exists. We live in a world in which you can buy some lotion for your weirdass skin conditions from a computer cashier at CVS and not have to face the shame that comes with committing such an such act while communicating with another human being. Our smart phones are essential to our existence—my retired mother cannot go to the local farmers’ market without posting a photo about it to Facebook. Further, can you even remember the last time you actually walked down the street without headphones in, listening to the bustling of human existence just trying to get by instead of that dope new Bobby Shmurda remix? Robots are only getting stronger, and we're fucked.


Thankfully, Trash Talk is here to save us from ourselves.

At a recent show in Detroit, bassist Spencer Pollard decided to take one back for humanity by knocking a drone that he perceived to be illegally monitoring his punk rock activities rightthefuckout of the sky. Seriously. In display in the video below, the drone lifts off and flies over the crowd, but as it descends on the stage, Pollard grabs an object (which I’m hoping was a beer) and launches it straight at the lens. He misses on the first try, but like all great heroes of the human race, he gives it another shot, winding up like a Little League All-Star pitcher, launching the unknown object like a missile, blasting that stupid drone with its stupid flying ability straight outta the stupid air until it lands with a loud crunch. Take that, Obama. You and your drone strikes better think twice next time, or that dude from Trash Talk might fuck you up.

Anyway, the destruction of this drone was a victory for human beings everywhere, and now we can all sleep easier tonight because of it. What's better is that no concertgoer was hurt in this defense of the human race, thankfully, and we shouldn’t be too surprised something like this happened at a Trash Talk show, which have been well-documented strongholds for the best that humanity has to offer. According to the photo blog PetaPixel, the club promoter agreed to pay Arnold for the damages done to his equipment. We hope that happens.


Regardless, we're all cyborgs and the end is near, but Trash Talk just delayed our inevitable demise a little bit longer.


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