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Mother Lewinsky’s New Track “The Ice is in Your Veins” Has Strings, Heartbreak and Rock and Roll

Saunter into the mists to the sound of this latest track from the Danish baroque pop threesome.

This is the latest single from Copenhagen-based baroque pop band Mother Lewinsky, aka Søren Stensby, Marc Facchini and Michael Vitus. Baroque pop is not, as you may have thought, a dude dressed up as King Louis XIV shredding on guitar. No, no: it’s rock music juiced up with elements of classical music—and probably the only thing Ludwig van Beethoven and Jimi Hendrix have to talk about in Music Heaven.

"The Ice is in Your Veins" mixes a sharply plunging lead vocal with a darker, more ominous bass tone. The classic backbone of rock and roll is elevated by the strings, resulting in something that plays a bit like The Growlers performing in an opera house. It’s intense yet weirdly happy-go-lucky; gloomy and fragile, yet upbeat.

As far as Danish neo-pop/rock interpretations go, this one is definitely worth your time. And as far as break-ups go, it’s chock-full of the kind of somber perseverance vibes you desperately need as you walk home in the rain in your own little slo-mo fantasy after getting dumped.