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Danish 11th Street Kids' New Album "Blue Skies and High Fives" is Raw, No-Fucks-Given Rock'N'Roll

Forged from the remains of The Floor is Made of Lava comes this satisfyingly analog kick in the gnards.

From the angrier, rowdier offspring of Danish The Floor is Made of Lava comes Copenhagen's own 11th Street Kids with a satisfying kick in the nutsack of a second album, Blue Skies and High Fives.

The fiery five-piece borrows from Blur, Oasis, and the rest of the 90's in all of the best ways to create 10 tracks of straight up, uncompromising rock'n'roll. Ranging from primal, pop-punk ear-hangers like "Your Last Fight" to the more brit-rockish "The Meaning of Life", the album is littered with gnarly guitar solos and moments that'll have you air-drumming along. Overall it has a refreshingly unfiltered and garagey bestiality to it, possibly wrought by the fact that the whole thing was recorded live.

So if you're the type to stand up in the back of your friend's pick-up truck and air-hump the oncoming highway like Steve Stifler with devil's horns on one hand, a can of beer in the other and not a care in the world, Blue Skies and High Fives has the primal, fuck yeah-fire that's just for you.

Catch 11th Street Kids live in concert at Drone in Copenhagen on June 10th.