Has Justin Bieber Gone Off The Rails?

We went out on to the street of Justin’s favourite place, London, to see what the public think.

20 marts 2013, 10:00am

This year has been really distressing for Justin Bieber. It all started when he was caught having a couple of puffs on a dubious looking roll up. At first, it seemed like nothing more than harmless fun. But, in the last couple months the publicised controversy surrounding his mental state has increased ten fold with late appearances, paparazzi showdowns and hotel boot-outs culminating in a dramatised conclusion that lead to Bieber posting his own “fuck you!” message to Instagram and vowing to never return to London again.

We wondered, has Bieber gone off the rails? Will he follow down the route of the child stars of past, dabbling first in marijuana but reaching further and further into the void? Or, as the mainstream press refuse to believe, is he just a teenager pushing against the establishment?

We went out on to the street of Justin’s favourite place, London, to see what the public think.

Monica, 26: Photography Intern

Noisey: What do you make of Justin's recent behaviour?

He's just a normal kid, like, people smoke weed, people get thrown out of clubs - I know I have. He's just being a normal kid. He's under a lot of pressure and he's got the whole world's spotlight on him, everyone's watching him constantly, do you know what I mean? He can't avoid that.

If he kills himself, will it be our fault?

We can't take responsibility for someone else's actions, if he wanted to kill himself that would be his own mentality.

Thanks Monica! Now I won't feel so guilty if something happens.

Saboul, 26

Hi Saboul, are you a Belieber by any chance?


What! Seriously, you're a Justin Bieber fan? You're not shitting me are you?

Yes I am.

How have you taken to Justin's recent behaviour, it's been quite erractic hasn't it?

He's acting as who he is, I don't understand these days. To be honest, I am disappointed with the way he's behaved and that he has let his fans down. He shouldn't be behaving this way.

Deep. How do think this will affect his career so far?

It'll affect it really bad if he keeps going this way. So, he has to change his attitude and behaviour. He has to come back in a good way and make his fans happy.

It's not like owes Beliebers anything, though. What advice would you give him to get him out of his fall from grace?

To make more songs, get some fans. Justin, please go back to the normal way you used to be before. We're just waiting for the day.

I'm sure that those kind words will inspire him to stop fucking up.

Donna, 35: Designer

Sup Donna, are you a Belieber?

A believer of what?

I think you may have misheard me, are you a Justin Bieber fan?

Oh no, not at all!

You make it sound like being a Belieber is a bad thing, is it because of his recent behaviour?

It just sounds like he's having a bit of fun. Maybe he's not as squeaky clean as his image is trying to portray.

Maybe us media types should just stop bothering him for a while so he can go out and get shit-faced?

Yeah, but that's not going to happen because he's got so many fans that are interested in what he's doing and they all want to know every single thing and it sells papers.

If you were JB's Mum, what would be your advice to him?

Just to try and enjoy his childhood without getting into too much trouble - but he's not really a child now is he - and keep a low profile.

Solid advice, Donna.

Julia, 21

Hey Julia, are you a Belieber?

As in Justin Bieber? Yes!

What do you make of his recent behaviour?

I think he's fucking amazing, like, his overalls that he wore to meet with the Canadian president were the most mental shit I've ever seen.

That's cute… but i'm talking about him smoking weed, picking fights with paparazzi photographers who are built like brick-shit houses and getting chucked out of a hotel.

Dude, if you're fucking followed by paparazzi your whole fucking life you're gonna get sick of it. Also the fact he's a celebrity that doesn't make an excuse when he smokes weed. Justin Bieber is THE SHIT.

Okay, dude! What do you have to say to Justin at this difficult period in his life?

I'd say "Hey Justin, what's up?". He's got his own swagger and he should just keep continuing.

Thanks. I like your cuddly toy.

Julie, 21

Hi Julie are you a Belieber?

In religion?

Yes as in the Church of Justin Bieber.

Oh, not all.

Damn, I thought all you young girls were into him, you've just shook me to my very core. What do you think about his recent actions that have been making the headlines?

I wasn't actually aware of this because I don't really follow him but i think that I don't really care. Like people do those kind of things and i think it's just a bit of hype about him obviously.

Why do you think he's acting this way?

I dunno, maybe for attention or maybe against everything that has become of him.

It's so hard being famous.

Sam, 26: Music Video Director

Justin's been in the news for all the wrong reasons, what do you make of all this?

If anything it might show that he's actually got soul. I don't think it's that erratic to be honest, most people smoke weed and if you had paparazzi in your face you'd act like that. I think just cause he's in the media he has to be a little bit more careful but I don't really see what he did as that bad.

If you were that photographer in London do you reckon you could've taken on Justin in a fair fight 1-on-1 with no bodyguards?

Yeah, he's like this fucking high [indicates to his knees] and he's 12 [Ed - He's 19 actually]. I'd probably hit him with his own CD. I wouldn't buy it. I'd get him to give me a free copy and hit him with it, I'd probably kick him in the balls as well.

Oh, wow. You sound like a really nice guy.

Omar, 41

Omar, what do you make of The Biebz' erratic behaviour?

They need to protect this kid, he seems very young. I believe the media should relax with him, leave him alone. But it's good as well when they do bad things…

Why is he acting this way?

I don't really know, that's music; rock & roll and sex. It's been around for generations, you know. Like Mick Jagger, they've all been addicts.

Have we put too much pressure on him?

Yeah, of course because it's part of the culture, media is so very powerful they can do anything they want. If you are good with them they put you on the top but if you're against them they'll put you down.

*Illuminati Orchestral Noise!*