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High Highs: “In A Dream”

I wish it was the weekend still :(

af Ryan Bassil
28 januar 2013, 11:08am

It’s Monday morning and the woes of the weekend are starting to leak out and form in a puddle beneath my feet. I woke up about an hour ago, but this song makes me feel like I’m still swimming through ethereal soundscapes. It’s a warm blanket and I’m wrapping up tight, as the embers of the weekend ebb out to sea and the cold draught of the week starts to reign in close.

High Highs - originally from Australia but now Brooklyn residents - are helping to reinstate Oz on the map. Forget about Wolfmother, Jet and Crowded House, Australia now boasts the likes of O Possum, Pond, High Highs and the wonderful Tame Impala.

So, thank you, Australia. You’re nice.