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Top Of The Pops 2012 Condensed To 8 Minutes Of Pure Cheese

Pop ate itself, and now it's got the shits.

If the apocalpyse really does go down on the 21st, then Daniel Kim’s “Pop Danthology” will be the perfect time capsule to let any alien stragglers who might stumble upon our planet’s smouldering remains in the future, know that we truly deserved to be dumped on the evolutionary scrapheap in between dinosaurs and the VHS.

Over the space of three months, Dan compiled the 55 worst examples of highly processed cheese churned out on the likes of Kiss FM over the past year, chewed them up, and puked them back up in a perfect mish-mash of tempos and keys, clocking in at just over 8 minutes. Sure, it might be the sonic equivalent of watching a close friend suffer from a horrible degenerative disease, but mad respeck to anyone who can do this without spontaneously combusting.

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