Woah, Dude!

Ever Wanted To Hear 50 Cent Rapping Over London on Da Track Production?

Now's your chance! Fiddy has enlisted the producer for his latest track "Too Rich".

af Noisey Staff
27 november 2015, 8:08am

It's well known that 50 Cent filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year. Between the jokes - "50 Cent can't even afford an Eminem! That's Ludicrous!"; "at least he has a baseball career to fall back on!"; "hehehe now he has to get rich or die trying!" - the news was kinda hard to miss. In fact, there were so many puns and lolz thrown around back in July that if Fiddy had fifty cents for every one of them, he'd be rich all over again, drowning in enough coins to build a house from nickels and dimes.

Did 50 Cent care about filing for bankruptcy? Probably. Did he joke about it? Yes. Has he financially recovered his assets? No one can be sure, but the one certainty is that he's back to bragging about the money on latest track "Too Rich", which is perhaps the greatest 50 Cent track you never knew you wanted. On it Fiddy boasts about being "too rich" for a women he's just picked up from the club over shivering, supernatural production from London on Da Track. Listen below.