The World Is Being Ripped Apart, But Have No Fear: Capital Fluxus Is Here

Artistic melancholy swallows up contemporary hip hop in these banging, new twin videos from the Copenhagen-based ensemble.

03 august 2016, 9:32am

Photo provided by the artists

The Copenhagen-based hip hop ensemble Capital Fluxus have a message for the contemporary music scene and the slimy, far-reaching tentacles of capitalism. Referring to the art collective and movement of the 60's that was 'Fluxus' in their moniker, the multi-national hip hop group are challenging contemporary hip hop with a cerebral, experimental and extremely danceable fusion of wildly different rhythms and flows. Made up of two Swedes (Jacob Schill and Jonas Algers) a Frenchman (Robin Houselstein) and Rwandan-Danish Céleste Nshimiyimana, the Fluxus lads draw inspiration from the clash (or "flux", if you will) of their different cultural backgrounds. Their sound is accessible and smooth-flowing, but laced with a smouldering darkness derived from the underbelly of urban life - and far from anything the Danish music scene has seen in a long time, if not ever. Perhaps this is just what we need in a world rapidly being ripped apart at the seams.

Following the release of their first-ever single "CTD", they've just simultaneously dropped two tracks from the forthcoming EP that will contain five songs in total, all built up around iconic Sade-samples, and complete with two crispily honest DIY-esque music videos. Dip your toes in with the brand new video for "SWT" ("Sweetest Taboo") here:

Capital Fluxus top grinding bass lines and ambient soundscapes with mesmerising lyrics. The vocals are mean and heavy, and if you're the kind of person that likes to corner people at parties to say things like: "The British trip hop scene is a bit diluted" or that "Contemporary hip hop has lost its edge", you and the Fluxus crew are going to get along just fine.

According to the artists, the two singles are created as a hand-in-hand project to complement each other. The visual melancholy of "SWT" contemplates the future and dystopic destruction to come, while "BYS" looks back on the youthful carelessness of summer:

Capital Fluxus are well on their way to becoming one of Europe’s most interesting hip hop acts – and well, honestly, they already are. They respect the basics of hip hop and urban music, and additionally try to shake things up by tossing some actual art into the mix. Afterall, attempting to reference an influential 60's art collective and western capitalism is a pretty huge mouthful - but it’s not like they’re failing miserably at it.

Going as far as calling this fine art is maybe a bit of a stretch, but have a look for yourself. If anything, it’s a great soundtrack for hovering through the summer haze as you bob your head and ponder contemporary societal implosion.