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Get Psychedelic and Groove to Samling’s New Single, “Du”

Take a sonic trip with these Swedish psych rockers.

Grammy-nominated Swedish band Samling is out today with the single “Du” off of their upcoming album Sen glömmer jag hur du ser ut, officially out October 23rd. Inspired by the Swedish art and music movement of the 60s and 70s, Samling are known for their warm, folkish rock with delicately enhanced psychedelic vibes—inducing a ‘shroom-like giddiness in listeners the world over. This album, however, is their darkest and most sincere collection of songs yet, touching on the harshness of anger and lost friendships while maintaining the will to persevere despite it all.

Though perhaps lyrically heavier than Samling songs we’ve heard in the past, “Du” still carries the whimsical melodies and grooviness that we’ve grown to know and love. An impressive mixture of sounds between The Shins and Swedish psych band Drugs, this track is a little bit of sweet ear-honey to get you through this sunny Monday if you’re stuck inside like the rest of us. Even for those of you not well versed in Swedish, it’s pretty hard not to get down with any catchy tune whose chorus goes “Du du du du, du du du du.”

Samling will be touring the Nordics this fall, so if you dig the track you can catch them soon—tour dates TBC.