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It Sucks to Be an Avril Lavigne Fan

This is photographic evidence Avril no longer has a soul.

Say what you will about Avril Lavigne's music—that it's shitty, that it's tacky, that it's racist—but at least she always comes through for her fans, right? Ha! As if!

Avril's in Brazil right now, and she hosted a meet and greet photo session for her fans the other day. For the sum of 800 Brazilian Reals, equivalent to about $360, they could take their picture with Avril. No, that did not include the price of a concert ticket. Nor did it include the price of a hug, handshake, or any other form of physical contact. Fortunately, it did include the honor of being the latest thing for the Internet to laugh at because these pictures of Avril Lavigne looking soulless and awkward are hilarious.


It sucks to be an Avril Lavigne fan. Shouts out to the one guy who managed to get a weak rock 'n' roll sign out of her, though. God it sucks to be an Avril Lavigne fan.

(via Breathe Heavy, h/t Gawker)


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