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I Am The Avalanche's New Song Is Catchy and Anthemic, Just the Way You Like It

Just try not to fingerpoint along. They dare you.

Photo by Ryan Jay

You can tell when I Am The Avalanche sat down to write their new album Wolverines, they wanted to write some anthems that people could fingerpoint along to and sing while they’re crawling on top of people’s heads towards the stage. And they succeeded. One listen to their lead song “Two Runaways” and you’re pretty much ready to get behind that chorus. “He’s gonna maaaarry her! He’s never gonna let it faaaall apart!”

Anyway, where were we? Right, it’s catchy. Catchy and anthemic, just the way you like it. Wolverines is out next month from I Surrender Records and you can pre-order it now. If you live in America, you can also catch I Am The Avalanche on tour this spring, kicking things off with an in-store performance at the Looney Tunes store on Long Island. Would love to see Marvin the Martian stagedive to this song. Someone please Photoshop that for us.