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Is This the First Music Video Made Using Google's Deep Dream?

This must be what David Icke sees when he goes shopping.
23 september 2015, 11:36am

Quick question: why did Google make their Deep Dream software? Was it purely so that we could see everything as if we were on drugs without taking a shit load of drugs? If so, hats off. Personally, I’m a huge fan of this type of renegade, time consuming, novelty, and fairly meaningless technological productivity. I mean, look: it has the ability to transform a rock formation into a glorious Southeast Asian temple, The Mona Lisa into a character from Animorphs, and the 2016 Presidential Candidates into a variety of hybrid reptilian overlords, so now we can all see what David Icke sees when he turns on the TV.

To our knowledge, this one Austin-based synth outfit Pouff are the first to run a music video through this software, and their recently released “Grocery Trip” transforms an ordinary stroll through a supermarket into a horrible psychedelic nightmare. As you can see above, the people and items in the store are transformed into demonic dogs, lemur's and busses as the algorithm filters boring ass footage of people perusing yoghurts through its "Stoner's Widly Inaccurate Interpretation of Alice In Wonderland" setting to gift you with the world's first Psytrance Wildlife Safari. #WORLDFIRST

Watch "Grocery Trip" below:

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