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Holy Shit

P Reign Recruits Young Thug and T.I. for "Dipped In Gold"

Scarborough's very own travels to Atlanta in search of a potential hit.

As 2015 wraps up, it's really starting to like this is the year of trap anthems. P Reign, Young Thug and T.I.'s "Dipped in Gold" is no exception to this. "Dipped in Gold" features cavernous bass with swift, rattling high hats and ominous keys. With no surprise, Young Thug captains the hook on this track and does what Young Thug does. His sporadic hooks never cease to be as infectious as the first time you listened to "Lifestyle." If you're looking for a new track for your late night cruising to, this one's for you.


Byron Yan is a writer based in Toronto