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Woah, Dude!

Pharrell Plans To Turn "Happy" into a Children's Book

Roger Hargreaves must be shitting it.

Pharrell Williams - entrepreneur, Oscar nominee, and winner of Noisey's Top One Big Hat of the Year Award 2014 - has made a deal with Putnam Books for Young Readers for four picture books, the the first of which will be titled "Happy" inspired by his office party floor-filler of the same name. Pharrell is the first person ever to come up with a children's book inspired by happiness.

The book will feature photographs of children around the world "celebrating what it means to be happy," which could be anything from riding a horse to picking their nose, but may well turn out to be 30 pages of toddlers in whimsical headwear.

The announcement comes a few weeks after N.E.R.D. released this slightly unsettling video for the forthcoming Spongebob movie, marking Pharrell's journey further into the wholesome world of children's entertainment.

Putnam has announced a first printing of 250,000 copies of "Happy" to be be published on September 22, 2015.