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This Remix of Sarah Palin's Speech Makes a Country EDM Banger Out of Her Word-Diarrhea

Listen up, you right-wingin' bitter-clingers, we got ourselves a slapper here.

af Dan Ozzi
25 januar 2016, 6:34am

By now, you have no doubt done your civic duty of the watching the wonderful word-diarrhea that was Sarah Palin’s endorsement of future emperor, Donald Trump. The former governor trotted out all the classic Palin hits we remember from six years ago, including “Our Community Organizer in Chief,” “You Betcha,” and you didn’t think she was gonna do “Drill, Baby, Drill” but then bam, second encore! (Republican mockery and a Simpsons reference? Nice.) It was destined to be a meme the second she took the podium.

Thankfully, some brave soul has taken the 20-minute swirlie of the English language and turned it into a country/EDM Hee Haw remix that we dare say is a banger. It’s so catchy and fun that you almost forget what a slap in the face of evolution Sarah Palin is. Just a swift, monstrous kick to Charles Darwin’s testicles. An utter embarrassment to the memory of all the finches that died in vain.

Oh, and while we’re being real political wonks over here, we’ve also decided that until further notice, this mashup of Iggy/Palin is the best Vine of 2016. Thank you, and God Bless America.

Donald Trump
Sarah Palin
Our guns our god
god bless america