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New music

Premiere: Reverie - "Blood in the Sea"

The first single from Copenhagen's new young metal quartet.

To this date, ‘Metal Mondays’ haven’t exactly been a thing for us – we usually end up listening to things that hopefully make our lives seem calmer and less sweat-and-alcohol-drenched after the weekend, not the other way around. However, young Danish metal outfit Reverie is about to change that. Regulars of Copenhagen’s Mayhem scene, Andreas Bunin Trap-Jensen (guitar), Halfdan Holden Venlov (vocals), Andreas Nielsen (bass) and Adam Kjær Nielsen (drummer and, incidentally, Dan Kjaer Nielsen of Iceage’s younger brother,) put out metal that’s properly heavy and full of unabashed IDGAF momentum. Don’t worry, though: Reverie avoids sounding like a hammer attacking your skull thanks to propelling melodies and exceptionally captivating drumming from Nielsen. To give you a sense of what we mean, check out their latest single, ‘Blood in the Sea’—a relentlessly hard-hitting song that demands your attention with howling vocals and raw energy. Best part? These guys are super young—like, 19-20 young. Now that’s impressive.


Reverie’s debut album titled "Bliss" will be out on Escho in Denmark at the end of May, as well as on the legendary Big Love in Japan. Pre-order the vinyl edition here or wait for the CD to come out in July through Invictus Productions.