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Watch Swedish Feminist Rapper Silvana Imam's Short Film Bonanza

Sweden's anti-racist queer rapper Silvana Imam debuts the infernal videos for "Tänd Alla Ljus" and "Zon."

This article was originally published on Noisey Sweden.

Whenever Sweden's anti-racist queer rapper Silvana Imam is up to something, don't ever expect it to be lagom, or less. Since the release of her debut EP När Du Ser Mig [When you see me], Silvana has become Sweden's loudest I-don't-give-a-fuck feminist verbalization, and today she's delivering not one, but two, verifications that her loud voice is angry, but actually quite stylish.


Taken from her follow-up EP Dör För Dig [Die for you], comes a short film in two parts. Comprised of the music videos for "Tänd Alla Ljus" [Turn on all of the lights] and "ZON" [Zone], the film finally opens up Silvana's lyrical brilliance to a broader audience beyond the Scandinavian (it has English subtitles, yay!)

With infernal aesthetics, director Joanna Nordahl has captured Silvana's fearless attitude. And although the videos look nothing like her live performances, I think it's safe to say they display Silvana's notorious energy. Enjoy!

Silvana Imam's EP Jag Dör För Dig is available here.