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Grab a Gas Mask and Prepare for Nuclear Decimation With Mutilation Rites' Bleak New Video

NSFW, and probably not safe for anywhere else, either. Press play if you never want to sleep again.

The dread spector of nuclear annihilation has loomed darkly over the shoulder of many a heavy metal lyricist, and appears as a central theme everywhere from Nuclear Assault's radiation-riddled Game Over to a good fifty percent of the Nuclear War Now! catalogue. The genre itself came of age during the first anxious pangs of the Cold War, and between that apocalyptic hangover and our current global climate, it's surprising that more metal bands haven't turned to the recent past—and all-too-feasible future—of mankind for inspiration. For now, we've got Radiation Sickness, Toxic Holocaust, and Atomic Aggressor to fly that pestilential flag high.


Mutilation Rites has just joined their ranks with the stomach-churning new video for "Contaminate" (a track culled from last year's Harbinger EP). Footage of medical horrors, mushroom clouds, stacks of corpses, and malformed limbs are spliced with live shots from a recent hometown show at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus Bar. The result is bleak, and disturbing, and the worst part about it is that it's all real.

Steel your nerves and watch it here:

NYC heshers can catch Mutilation Rites live this weekend as part of the Stardust Fest; they're playing a stacked lineup alongside Wolvserpent, Fell Voices, and Svart Crown. Grab tickets