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Enter the Belly of the Beast With Baest's Debut Single, "Bring Dem I Live"

The Copenhagen-based musician’s first single is psychedelically monstrous in all the right ways.

Wailing, thick guitars. Grungy, far-away vocals. Ritualistic, rumbling drums. These are the primary elements driving Bӕst’s “Bring Dem I Live”—Copenhagen-based Jacob Koefoed’s first single with this project, taken off of his debut EP, Det Yderste Rum. Combined, these elements surge together to create three earthy and slightly hellish minutes of psych drone—as if Bӕst is truly calling up the beast to rise from the deep, dark underground.

Jacob describes Det Yderste Rum as rooted in the ideas that “nothing is lesser than the present” and that “the weight of the future can seem so formidably heavy.” That lofty description truly comes to life in this video: directed by Christine Hvidt, it’s a cloudy mix of grey, fluid visuals, spinning machinery and obscured, life-like shapes. Watching it kind of feels like spying on a mad scientist creating something mighty—as if the shrouded visuals and heavy wheels are spinning to give birth to the beast itself.

If you’re into this, Det Yderste Rum is out digitally on Idiot Disc Records (DK), on cassette tape via Wiener Records (US) and available to stream on Soundcloud. Catch Bӕst this winter, too: he’ll be playing his first live show December 5th—venue TBA soon.