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A Chat With Fryars

I’m not anti-British! If I could choose, I’d never leave the country again like Kubrick.

af sam wolfson
01 november 2013, 11:02am

Noisey: What are your first memories of enjoying music?

Fryars: I’ve been told that how as a child I’d get up and dance to the Neighbours theme tune, without fail. I listened to a lot of military music, like Trooping the Colour, and I’d dress up like a solider and sing that kind of music, but I’m not sure it was particularly formative though.

And what were the first British CDs you can remember buying?

I think they were Oasis and The Verve, and I don’t think they particularly inspired me but that was the start of the road somewhere. It’s ridiculous the number of CDs I have at home, and now they’re completely redundant. But I would just go in and buy things where I liked the look of the cover, so it was completely at random what I was listening to. So some of it would be very pop, and other stuff would be more leftfield, but it was all based on the cover art; I bought Kanye’s first album because it had a brown bear on the front.

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