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A Guy in Our Office Predicted the Kanye West Album Title, 'The Life of Pablo,' Two Days Ago

Give Mitch his pair of Yeezys!!!!!!

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.

Two days ago, Kanye tweeted the initials of his new album title, and said anyone who guessed it correctly would get a free pair of Yeezys and tickets to Season 3. Obviously, we jumped straight on that content train and decided to drum up 40 possiblities, for an article which came to be known as '40 Totally Logically Possibilities for Kanye's TLOP Album Title'. To gather the titles, we sent an email around almost the entire VICE UK office asking for submissions. Of the many emails that flooded in, one came from a young dude called Mitch, who guessed ten potentials, including the hallowed "The Life of Pablo." Kanye confirmed that as the album title last night, along with a brand new tracklist. As evidence, here is Mitch's exact email.

So, we decided to collar Mitch and have a chat to him about being the special one, guessing the album title, and whether Kanye has been in touch yet.

Noisey: Hey Mitch, I’ve seen you round the office. You're always microwaving stuff in the kitchen. What do you do exactly?
Mitch: I am a social editor. That means I post things on Facebook for a living.


I'll get into the Kanye stuff in sec, but why do you have a whole jar of honey on your desk?
I had porridge, but didn't need all the honey. I'm sweet enough.

Interesting. How did you guess the album title correctly?
It was the lyrics for “No More Parties in LA,” you know? “I feel like Pablo when I’m working on my shoes! I feel like Pablo when I’m working on my album!”

When you wrote it, did you think you’d written something special?
I always know I’ve written something special, but I definitely got some kinda feeling when I put this one on the page.

What were some of your other guesses?
"The Last Original Pirate"—that was a joke about it being a Streets cover album. "Time Line’s Obviously Poppin’" because, you know. And "Tyga’s Last Opportunity Please." But Pablo was the special one.

Have you tweeted Kanye?
I have tweeted him yes, but I said that I wouldn’t ask for anything until Monday. I know he’s under a lot of pressure right now. Best album of the year, of life. I’m going to leave him to it.

@kanyewest hey 'Ye, I guessed the name of the album a few days back. I won't ask you for anything til Monday -

— Mitch Stevens (@limitedmitch) February 11, 2016

But you’ve heard nothing back?
Not exactly no.

Not exactly?
No, I haven’t. But I have faith that he is a good guy deep down. I want those shoes, man. Please use the hashtag #GetMitchHisYeezys. Let’s get this trending. I also paid to go to the Vue cinema in London tonight, so £17.50 from Kanye wouldn’t go amiss, and also a Tango Iceblast, and maybe a hot dog.

What kind of shoes do you wear at the moment?
Busted up Adidas tubulars, so I haven’t gone to the Nike dark side you know? I’ve kept it kinda nice. But if he wants to hook me some black 750s or the new 1050s from Season 3, that would be great. I am a UK size 7/8.

Yep, those are some battered ass shoes. Is this the first time you’ve been let down by an idol?
I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure at some point in my life somebody I’ve loved has told me to fuck off. I went to meet Spinnerette once after a show, and Brody Dalle and Ryan from Distillers were there and I was really nervous and I knocked a drink over and he said “What the fuck man!”

Okay, thanks Mitch. You can go back to your desk now.