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Watch Let's Eat Grandma's Terrifying Video for "Deep Six Textbook"

Wherever they go, it'll make for an interesting journey.

Image via YouTube

Seeing British duo Let's Eat Grandma live for the first time was terrifying. In the back room of a pub in the East of England on a Thursday evening, they took up half the room with drums, stands, and strings, climbing over instruments to clap into the mic with the biggest reverb while white noise crackled behind them.

That was a year and a half ago now. Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth were 15-years-old and their live shows were experimental and scattered, screeches and screams undercut by mellow keys and soft melodies. Nobody dared guess which musical direction Let's Eat Grandma would take—there were at least 20 that they could have chosen from in their six-song set—but one inevitability was the industry swooping in. The room was full of A&R types.

Well, thankfully, Walton and Hollingworth found a good home with Transgressive Records—home to Foals, Flume, and the newly-reformed At The Drive-In—and now have a debut single to show for their two years of sporadic touring and homework. "Deep Six Textbook" is a gorgeous slow-burner of a track, embracing the pat-a-cake eccentricities that make the band's live sets so disturbing and adding layers of breathy harmonies on top.

It's not easy to be eloquent or original with teenage classroom frustrations, but Let's Eat Grandma are bold enough to turn the banal into the ethereal. They'll push lines like "We live our lives in textbooks/ and little by little/I feel like/standing on the desk and screaming I don't care" up against dreamy notions like "I bet the starfish wonder/Oh, I was so obsessed." It seems like second nature to them, everything being otherworldly.

Watch the video below and bliss out a little.