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We Sent an Intern to Interview the Hypebeasts of the 600 Person #FutureHive Line

We forgot to ask their names. Sorry.

The #FutureHive was out in full effect yesterday morning to cop wristbands to his free concert at the Highline Ballroom in New York last night. People camped out from 7 AM for the first few wristbands. 600 were available and sold out by the time we arrived. The crowd got so big that they shut down 16th Street, but that didn’t stop about a hundred #FutureHive hopefuls from waiting outside the police barricades waiting on word if more bands would be released. (Also, apparently Eminem was around the corner?) You can expect that at, any major release—from shoes to clothes to tickets—hypebeasts are sure to come flocking or in the #FutureHive’s case, buzzing. We got the chance to talk to some these fashion insiders about their favorite Future songs, their outfits, and some basic astrology. We forgot to ask their names, though. Sorry.


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Stussy Shirt, Ripped Jeans, and HUF

Noisey: How long have you been here?
Ripped Jeans: Bout… 3 hours at least.

What’s your favorite Future song?

Stussy shirt: Fuck up some Commas

Ripped Jeans: Coedine Crazy

Huf: Trap Niggas

What are you wearing?
Huf: You already know HUF down to the socks with the adidas

*At this point we were interrupted by police who told us we had to move*

Ripped Jeans: Ah, 12 fuckin wit us. Fuck the police.

Stussy: Got the Stussy and vans.

Ripped Jeans: Got the airmax 90s on, fuck the ops!

Stussy: I got the Yankee fitted.

Police Officer: “If you do not have a wrist ban at this point, there is absolutely no way you will be gaining entrance to the show. There is no possibility. All wristbands and tickets have been given ou.t”

Ripped Jeans: You’ll see me in there! YOU WILL SEE ME IN THERE!

Do you think pluto should be a planet?
Ripped Jeans: Yea facts!

Huf: Pluto is a planet right now. Didn’t they just declare it a planet again?

How strong is the #FutureHive right now?
Huf:It’s out there, it's strong. It’s like Future's fan base. It's strong now definitely.

Stussy: It may not be out there like others but it's definitely…

Cargo Shorts Guy

Noisey: How long have you been here?
Cargo Shorts Guy: Prolly like 30 minutes

What’s your favorite Future song?
Honestly his new album that he dropped is fire. I like almost every song on there but I would have to say "Real Sisters."


What are you wearing?
I’m wearing camo shorts, I got my J’s on, I got a 9th Hall shirt. Who knows, I just buy shit if it looks nice.

Do you think Pluto should be a planet?
No… no.

How strong is the #FutureHive right now?
So much hype. I already heard the sales jumped within like two or three days since it dropped so, it's just fire. He’s the hottest shit out right now.

Red Shirt, TyeDye Pocket Square, Red Hat, and TyeDye Man

Noisey: How long have you been here?
Red Hat:We just got here.

What’s your favorite Future song?
Red Hat: "Thought It Was a Drought"

TyeDye Pocket Shirt: "Commas"

Red Shirt: Probably "Commas" right now.

TyeDye Man: "March Madness"

What are you guys wearing?
TyeDye Pocket Shirt: Tye Dye

Red Hat: Converse, True Religion, I don’t remember what this [shirt] is. It might be Stussy, I’m not sure.

TyeDye Man: TyeDye everything! A lot of BAPE accessories, 40s, and shorties socks.

Do you think pluto should be a planet?
Everyone: Nah.

How strong is the #FutureHive right now?
Red Hat: Very Strong.

TyeDye Man: Future Trap God.

Skateboard Guy

Noisey: How long have you been here?
Skateboard Guy: I just got here.

What’s your favorite future song?
"56 Nights"

What are you wearing?
Stussy and Rick Owens

Do you think Pluto should be a planet?
Isn’t Pluto like already a planet? I guess, why not, shit.

How strong is the #FutureHive right now?
That shit’s pretty strong I mean like the concert don’t start till 9 o’clock and niggas already can’t get in so.


Black Shirt and Blue Shirt

Noisey: How long have you been here?
Black Shirt: Been here for about 35 minutes.

What’s your favorite Future song?
Black Shirt: Umm… what's that song?

Blue Shirt: "Trap Niggas."

Black Shirt: "Trap Niggas."

Blue Shirt: "March Madness" but right now on the album? "Stick Talk." There's no song like "Stick Talk" right now.

What are you wearing?
Blue Shirt: Jordan 1’s, Supreme.

Black Shirt: Margilas, Raf Simons.

Do you think Pluto should be a planet?
Black Shirt:Hell yeah.

Blue Shirt: Why not?

Black Shirt: Pluto’s the smallest planet but hey it looks so natural and looks so clean, it looks like when you step in you feel fresh. Cleaner than this shit!

How strong is the #FutureHive right now?
Black Shirt: Oh god.

Blue Shirt: Yo.

Black Shirt: Let me tell you, Eminem is around the corner and I’ve been telling people [he’s] around the corner

Blue Shirt: Niggas don’t care about Eminem.

Black Shirt: I’ve been telling people since Future [sold out] Eminem is around the corner, literally girls were like “fuck Eminem!”

Blue Shirt: They wanna see future!

Black Shirt: You know Eminem did way more drugs than Future, he’s way more lyrical than Future, I don’t got no problem with Future but…

Blue Shirt: He’s right now! He’s the time now.

Black Shirt: I don’t see Future in like the next ten years like a legend. People [will] still talk about Eminem ten years from now, 20 years from now. I can’t judge the Future but he’s the man right now!


Distressed Rihanna Monster Tour T-Shirt

Noisey: How long have you been here?
Distressed Rihanna Monster Tour T-Shirt: I got here like 30 minutes ago. I found out at like 11 o’clock so I don’t understand how people lined up at 7 AM when I didn’t even know where it was until he announced it.

What’s your favorite Future song?
His entire album is fire, to be honest, but my favorite is "Real Sisters." Yeah, I can get ratchet.

What are you wearing?
This shirt, I distressed it myself as you can see, and this is Trap Star, Rihanna Monster Tour T-Shirt. And these [Jeans] are Forever 21, and then Converse.

Do you think Pluto should be a planet?
No. Long overdue, Pluto’s overrated now.

How strong is the #FutureHive right now?
Strong as hell. It’s buzzing. As you can see, it’s buzzing.

Sparkle is a member of the #FutureHive.